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1 Peter 4:10


Meet Shanese

Shanese Kaye Powell is a certified life coach and portrait photographer who leads the program, Dreams•Passions•Purpose (dpp). She believes every individual can and should completely (not partially) fulfill their purpose. She seeks to make this a reality for people through an approach that involves setting action steps (goals) and encouraging the achievement of these goals in practical ways, all while ensuring the clients’ self awareness. 


Shanese’s mission to help others discover and walk in their purpose, is completed through her life coaching program which uniquely incorporates the art of photography. 


Her unique strategy has ensured eye-opening experiences that bring understanding and clarity on different aspects of clients’ lives, so they become aware of the next necessary steps to achieving their life goals. 



  • One-on-one/ group coaching sessions where we identify and discuss what you want out of life.

  • We set Action Steps (feasible goals) that are specific to your needs.

  • We help you uncover those stubborn obstacles that are stopping you from achieving your goals

  • An optional photoshoot session just for YOU! Enact who you see yourself as in the future, before my lens.  

  • You receive an image from the shoot with an inspirational, customized written piece.


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