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  • Challenges your current way of thinking by giving you a new perspective. 

  • Encourages new habits that serve you.

  • Motivates you to explore those real life goals you never say out loud.

Packages Include:


  • 90 Days/ 12 weeks (Recommended)


Meet once a week (online/in person)

45-60 mins.

  • 60 Day Package / 8 weeks 


Meet once a week (online/in person)

45-60 mins.

  • Group Coaching (online/in person)


  • Workshops (online/in person)


Our LIFE COACH experience

You Get:

  • someone to hold a powerful vision for you no matter what state you show up in during our sessions 

  • a series of questions that will help bring awareness to areas that may be sabotaging your success

  • an opportunity to have your mindset and beliefs brought into alignment with what you want to create in your external world

  • ​​the necessary help to step forward and say YES to yourself and your dreams/passions

  • a system that'll help you reach these dreams and understand how to sustain them while feeling into that next level of your evolution

 our photoshoot experience


  • Stunning portrait photography

  • Consultation- We discuss what you want creatively. What ideas do you have in mind about your portrait? What powerful message would you like to relay with your image? Let's talk, then shoot!


You Get

  • 10 inspiring (retouched) images to enjoy and share with the world!




  • 90 Day Life Coach package



  • Portrait photoshoot session to celebrate completing your coaching journey




DeShaun Reid: The Psychologist
Michelle Danville: The Advocate

You Get:

  • 9 images (all retouched)



  • 1 Image with customized quote 

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