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1 Peter 4:10


about us

Dreams were meant to BE! If only 

we'd let them breathe. Let the vision you have in your mind about your future become your reality. It's not impossible. It only takes the simple step of acknowledging these visions (your dreams and passions) and taking them seriously. Why do so? Well, these tend to reveal your purpose, that is, the very reason for which you were created. You're promised a more fulfilling life when you look well into your

Dreams. Passions. Purpose.

D.P.P is a LIFE COACH program that includes the art of PHOTOGRAPHY. Both skills are used to aid in motivating you to achieve your goals, live your dreams and fulfill your purpose. 



  • One-on-one Life Coach sessions where we discuss what you want out of life.

  • We set Action Steps (minor goals) that are specific to your needs.

  • We ensure those Action Steps are taken so your life goals and healthy desires are achieved. 

  • An optional photoshoot session just for YOU! Enact who you see yourself as in the future, before my lens.  

  • You receive an image from the shoot with an inspirational, customized written piece/quote.


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